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Consultancy and management for clubs and players :

contracts prepared by lawyer

All contracts are prepared and handled by our lawyer. Everything will be checked in detail by our office AD JUST.

transfers under supervision of a bailiff

Each transfer will be handled under supervision of a bailiff. All parties who participate during the transfer will be registered in this report.

fixed fee of 6%

There is a fixed fee of 6% that will be calculated on the gross salary or the transfer, all standard costs included.

1% of this fee goes to the youth education of the club

With each transfer, 1% goes to the youth academy of the player’s current club. Also when a contract is extended 1% will go to the youth academy.

1% of this fee goes to charity by choice of the player

1% of the 6% commission goes to charity, under supervision by our lawyer. We recommend the childeren’s cancer foundation “Princess Elisabeth hospital UZ Ghent, Belgium”.

in co-operation with Sporta

ACV-Sporta, the syndicate for professional football players, will do an extra check up on each contract, to prevent future problems.

billing on a third party lawyer bank account

Billing will be done by our lawyer agency, on a separate bank account. From this account all settled percentages will be payed under legal supervision.

professional medical and physical assistance

In co-operation with the most highly skilled physiotherapists of the medical recovery center “Move to cure”.

use of a belgian vat-number and account number

Both our law and commercial office are seated in Belgium. We don’t use offshore and transit accounts. All our transactions will be subjected to Belgian taxes.

juridical reporting point for illegal affaires

Players, clubs, referees or other involved sportive parties, can report illegal incidents or match-fixing. Our lawyer office will report this to the court of justice. Keep football clean!

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